Otherwise known as "the poor bastards at the front", LURPS is run by an executive committee of seven students and members who oversee everything the society does. These are their names, roles, and faces.


Sam Cook is in charge of the society’s money. They take annual membership fees and keep track of how the money is being spent.


Kian Birtchet-Aldred is the leader of the society. They are the representative of the society to outsiders, and chair all the meetings.


Ben Midgley is the primary administrator of the society. They take minutes at every meeting and act as returning officer at general meetings.

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary organises non-roleplay-based social events for members. They are responsible for organising almost everything the society does outside its normal operating hours.

Tabletop Rep

The Tabletop Representative is responsible for organising the tabletop games at LURPS. They book rooms for games and oversee proceedings at pitch days.

Live and Safety Rep

Mark Sullivan is responsible for all LARP events in the society. They ensure games go ahead every week, and that the safety codes of LUSU are upheld at all times.

Assistant Live Rep

The Assistant Live Representative is responsible for being the Live Rep when the Live Rep can't be, or providing extra help when a LARP needs more people in order to go ahead.


Adam Mossman maintains the online presence of LURPS. They keep this very website up to scratch, as well as running the social media of the society.