Live-action roleplaying, often referred to as LARPing, is a type of roleplaying where you physically act out the things you do. LURPS runs several different LARP games, as detailed below.

Fell Rune

Viking Adventures in a shattered archipelago where runes hold ancient lore, curses and prophecies come true, glory in life guarantees glory eternal. Die Well!

Far Shores

The small continent of Ilmarin holds far more than it should. Reeling from political turmoil and a plague of undeath, it has been the hold of civilisation for the years since magical disaster wiped the world map clean. The Crown Adventuring Company have built their reputation, rising to what will one day be called a legend.


Unnumbered years into a future ruled by dark and terrible gods, the spacefaring Divine Authority needs mad soldiers of fortune like you to enforce its will and fight enemies of its own creation, the ever-growing Machine menace.

Heart of Chaos

The Argent Vigil are monster hunters, situated on the boundaries of the wild. Scholars, warriors, mystics and craftsmen alike, you ply your very particular set of skills to make the roads and forests of your home a safer place. Wiki page is here.


Set in a post-apocalyptic future, a wild and bizarre environment is home to many disparate settlements, generations after the event that devastated the world. The mutant people of Chimera are busy discovering this new world, forging alliances, fighting to survive, and building a better tomorrow from the ruins of yesterday.


A truly political game, Horizon takes place on a space station hanging between multiple divergent Earths, each with its own ideas on how to run things. No combat, no system – endless intrigue.

...And More!

LURPs sometimes invites local LARP groups to come and run events specifically for us. Many of these are horror based, like Room Thirteen, Aeon Horror, or Shunned House, but this is dependent on member interest.

We also run freeform events and other one-offs throughout the term. Details for these will be announced at the regular Tuesday/Thursday meetings as well as on our Facebook group.

Live Credits

In our regular Saturday LARP adventures, LURPS uses a simple system for keeping track of how many adventures each member has been a player on, and how many they have been crew on (or "monstered").

Adventures monstered will give you credit, and adventures played will lower your credit.

When more people want to play than we have crew for, those with the lowest overall "credits" will be asked to step over to the crew for that adventure.

We do not prevent people from going into negative player-monster credits, but we do ask people to be considerate. Positive credit is wiped over summer between academic years.

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