The society runs two types of tabletop games: regular long-running campaigns, and one-shots. Read on to find out how to get involved with each.


Campaigns are weekly games that run on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, over the course of a ten-week term. You’ll spend a campaign with the same party, in the same story, for the duration of that term. We have meetings on both days, but different games are run on each day. If you want, you can play two campaigns in the term; lots of people do, but lots of other people also just do one. There’s no obligation either way, but once you’re committed to a campaign you’re generally expected to turn up each week (although you can always let your GM know if you can’t make it).

At the first meeting of each term, GMs (Game Masters - for more on the basics see Introduction to Roleplaying) will pitch games. This basically entails saying a few words about what the game will be about, what game system is being used, and how many players they’re looking for, as well as warnings for horror and that sort of thing, so everyone knows what they’re getting into. Once everyone who wants to pitch has done, people will choose a game to play. First-timers will always get priority on game choice, so if you’re new don’t fret that you might not get a game, as you almost always will.

These pitches will next be happening in the first week of next term. If you want to get involved, show up! Come on either the Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm, and you’ll be on your way to a game. Join our Facebook page for more details as to where we’ll be meeting.


One-shots are run two or three times a term, and require no commitment other than showing up on the given day. They are played in one sitting, over the course of seven or eight hours. They’re fun and easy! Our next one-shot will be announced at a regular Tues/Thurs meeting, and on Facebook.